A trip to Bonn

Though Bonn and its outlying region are always worth a trip, this will be especially so during the Beethoven Jubilee Year from December 2019 to December 2020.

Together with Bonn’s great cultural institutions and its many partners in the private sector, BTHVN2020 will do more than hold concerts of classical music. It will also offer exhibitions, family concerts, exotic items, large-scale projects broadcast to every corner of the world, and much more, all beneath the umbrella of the Jubilee Festival. Bonn will become the spiritual hub of an international Beethoven Discovery Year that will view the composer from fresh angles and reaffirm his relevance to our own times.

A unique worldwide event – and you can be part of it!


From now until shortly before the opening of the Jubilee Year, organisers are invited to register their projects. There will always be new discoveries to be made in the programm database.

Your stay

We invite you to get to know Bonn better! For more information about Bonn and planning your visit, please contact the Bonn-Information.


Information on hotels in Bonn and the outlying region can be found in the Hotel-Suche (Hotel Search) of Tourismus & Congress GmbH Bonn/Rhein-Sieg/Ahrweiler.

Group trips, Package tours

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